All the team members at Crackeys® are committed to high quality manufacturing.

Crackeys® continues to build its manufacturing capabilities in popping, flavouring, and packaging, to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of snacking.

Manufacturing processes at CRACKEYS are the perfect combination of age-old tradition with the best of modern-day technology which makes biscuits that stay wonderfully fresh and crisp with melt-in-the-mouth goodness.

Artfully merging Yesterday’s know-how with Tomorrow’s insights, our great-tasting biscuits which embody a delectably harmonious blend of flavours, textures and elements will surely bring a satisfied smile with every bite to your day.

Popping and Baking Equipment

Our patented and proprietary popping technology was developed in-house by Crackeys’ engineering team with the co-operation of Italian professionals. Our process allows a more precise dosing of grain and superior control of temperature and pressure, resulting in the most consistent product available on the market.

Seasoning Equipment

Crackeys® has recently developed an additional and  innovative bakery line capable to cater for a variety of seasoning options. 

It has invested in the latest technology whereby an innovative technique is used to apply flavour in powder form, oil or slurry as it is being sprayed onto the base product. With this technology  the flavourings and coatings adhere automatically to the savoury biscuits ‘galletti’, creating a true wraparound effect. 

This is much more efficient than the traditional method used by many manufacturers to apply flavourings and coatings to products, often resulting in poor coverage, high powder wastage and easy breakage of fragile products such as snacks. 

The particular technology used by CRACKEYS® provides pinpoint accuracy for seasoning applications, ensuring that in today’s health conscious environment, levels of oils and fats are tightly controlled. 

Powder contamination and misting on and around the production line is kept to an absolute minimum, resulting in a cleaner working environment. 


Our Riccarielli scales offer top-of-the-line weight control, and feed vertical-form-fill-seal baggers that can flex from single serve/portion control all the way up to Family Value packs. For a more premium presentation, we can provide quad seal bags.