Our Story


It all happened coincidentally in 1978, when the late Francis Buhagiar, a flour importer at the time, made up his mind to have a try by baking ‘galletti’. The first limited batch of these sort of water-crackers was made at his residence. Eventually he acquired a suitable industrial oven and began manufacturing the traditional Maltese ‘galletti’ which at the time they were only home-made. He was actually the first person to introduce them on the local market.  Moving from the domestic kitchen to a beautiful new test bakery located in Qormi was an important step at that time, as was automating part of the manufacturing process. 

It took the late Francis two years to learn the exact technique to bake biscuits and water-crackers commercially and invent a range of products which hung together well, had integrity and which people loved.  Ever since then Crackeys® name has been trusted for quality everyday savoury biscuits, which are still made with the same skill and care at  Crackeys Bakery.

From that date onwards, a series of important developments have taken place, including the trading name which was eventually changed as Crackeys® Biscuits. Today the business is being managed by Francis Buhagiar Junior who continued to invest in the latest and most innovative food manufacturing machinery with the most recent move into snack packs, mini and value packs – all proving very popular.

At Crackeys Biscuits, every decision we make speaks profoundly of the attention we lavish on the quality of our savoury biscuits. At the core of our daily life and culture, this essential emphasis on Utmost Quality continually inspires us with ideas in bringing you the very best a biscuit could offer. You’ll find, within our enriching creations, how we’ve embraced this vision wholeheartedly over the years.